Earthniq About Laboratory


is an origin of our brand where
the Masters’ study raw materials and techniques
that are great for your skin.

With the technology of EARTHNIQ LAB, we are actively working on cosmetic products that deliver raw materials extracted
from about 300,000 plants on Earth to your skin with an outstanding efficacy.

Component which originally developed by EARTHNIQ LAB

Super Triple Action by Three Key Components
Skin Cell Care Solution Boosts the Natural Power of your Skin

Super Triple


Ceramide Capsule

Ability to grow self generation power

Self-study power of skin

Increasing the skin mechanism with a
complex prescription

Ceramide, the main ingredient of skin lipid layer

Moisturizing care to enforce skin barrier

Essential ingredient to increase skin revitalization

Centella Asiatica

The power to improve damaged skin

Legendary cure, Centella Asiatica

Madecassic acid for reinforcing skin revitalization and aging prevention


Shiretoko Deep Sea

Deep sea nutrition water than an essense

Deep sea water from the UNESCO reserve Shiretoko peninsula is the source of energy including an ancient life force


EARTHNIQ LAB Research Fruition

Environment friendly mineral water derived from natural mineral

Mineral WATER

With a Nano processing technology patent, the natural mineral powder complex is derived from natural minerals and
no chemicals are used in the manufacturing and refining processes and
they are mixed with the optimum content and proportions.

Excellent elasticity with an essence of natural mineral water that penetrates deep into your skin.
Synergy effect with other functional substances.


With a molecular smaller than any water, it penetrates well deep into the skin
and fill the mineral nutrition with moisture.