Earthniq About Story

The story of Shimizu Asuka

The master’s signature beauty


30 years, the time that EARTHNIQ’s
has been closer to nature.


Shimizu Aaska

Earthniq’s master, ‘Shimizu Asuka’ has spent 30 years as a cosmetic researcher at a laboratory in Tokyo. Although she has long been recognized as a master craftsman, she still felt deep anguish about not being able to resolve the fundamental skin troubles of city women worldwide regardless of her lifetime efforts.

Because of that, Asuka took the decision to retire and set off on a journey to become the ultimate master separate from focusing on product development. At the beginning of the first step, she went to Kyoto, the center of all masters to learn of the essential requirements and spirits needed to be a real master from the ancient era and allowed herself to be trained to be one.

One day in the afternoon, while passing through a tunnel in a bamboo forest, she found herself caught up
in the moment when the sun was shining through the forest and the sky was a cobalt blue color.
Suddenly, she started thinking about how nature’s power can have an effect on humans and
realized that nature has been with her all this time.

By the end of her contemplation, she discovers that nature
has been always the center of humans and so she packed
to go on a journey into nature. She decided to discover
the answer by finding natures ingredients away from the technique
centered research and development.

Including moss with a sufficient life force and ancient
mystery from the Northern Iceland

Asuka decided to wander around the areas away from human’s reach and started her journey from the northwest to southern-east and Iceland became the first place she chose to settle. She stayed there for a longtime and started looking at how the natives lived in the area.

While searching, she discovered how the natives treat and cure themselves with natural moss. Out of curiosity, she was attentive to this and discovered that they even treat their wounds and illnesses with moss instead of medicine and sometimes even for drinking tea, making soup and as a spice for alcohol drinks.

She collected the moss and conducted deep research and discovered that it has excellent adaptability to an environment and protects the skin from extra stimulation and strengthens the skin barrier by increasing hydration. The reason why moss was useful to the natives was that it had a skin relaxant and antibacterial effect.

Therefore, Asuka took that precious moss and included that into Super Triple Complex and
created her own pristine product for revitalizing, moisturizing and barrier development
technique based on moss’ own effect and named it MOSS AURA.

Including the superfood KAKADU PLUM found at KAKADU
National park in Australia, and recognized by UNESCO

Based on the discovery in northern Europe, Asuka became interested
in plants with a strong life force because she was incredibly sure that
plants with a strong life force are built up with ingredients that make them
strong and thus it has a good effect on your skin.

After she decided to start exploring the northern sea area of
Australia which is known as barren terrain she tried to observe their lifestyle by
getting along with the indigenous peoples.
One day, she was collecting fruits with them and out of nowhere,
she found a rare plant called the KAKADU PLUM.
The indigenous peoples said that the KAKADU PLUM is hard for farming but
useful for daily life so they look for them regardless of the burden of going
on a long trip just to look for them.
To the local indigenous peoples, the KAKADU PLUM was used as a cure and
sterilization ingredient and now, it is also used for skin whitening
so they preserve them very well.

Asuka immediately began her research on the KAKADU PLUM and discovered
that it has sufficient vitamin C with high neutralization to survive on barren
terrain and therefore, she tried to extract the point that has 100 times more
vitamin C compared to an orange and thus is specialized in whitening and
has an excellent anti-aging effect. She named it SNOW AURA because it
enlightens the skin with an excellent whitening effect and collaborated
with her own QORA skills.

Including the Brown algae derived from
Ouesssant Island recognized by UNESCO

After leaving Australia, she arrived at Ouessant Island, on the Iroise sea, France
and studied brown algae. There was barely no one in this area except for a
village called Lambaol.
The local people used brown algae for farming and as a food ingredient and
she was eager to study it more deeply. Especially, they considered the most
pristine brown algae to be the Ascophyllum nodosum and it only grows in cold
water between the bottom of rocks.

It has a brown color of strong leaf over 2 meters and looks like leather. She
often featured that it was used as fertile and food for animals and humans.
It had been used for a long time as the main fertile for farming because it
included the macronutrient; n.p and K and micronutrient; Ca Ca,Mg,S,Mn,Cu,
Fe,Zn, etc.

Asuka tried to find an efficacy with expectation from the brown algae collected by
the local people and it had marvelous efficacy such as anti-aging, moisturizing,
decrease in melanin reproduction and red spots. Asuka was overwhelmed by
the fact that an abundance of efficacy could be included in one plant.
Therefore, she named it TIMELESS AURA with anti-aging and anti-wrinkle efficacy.