Earthniq Product

High functioning Skincare

based on rare plants from

pristine areas around

the planet

EARTHNIQ presents the ‘Pure Series’ that provides regenerating energy
to your skin with the best complex technology by selecting natural
ingredients generated from pristine areas on earth; Iceland,
Australia, Israel, Alaska.

The Master’s
First Collection


Moss aura

Snow aura

Timeless aura

EARTHNIQ’s raw ingredients are based on rare plants from pristine areas that have been with
the earth for all this time and the metaphor technique can
be found in ‘technique and unique’ from Asuka’s skills.

Selection of rare plants from pristine areas.
The EARTHNIQ developed ‘SUPER TRIPLE COMPLEX QORA’ is included.
Providing products only created by EARTHNIQ’s master.

The Master’s First

MossCellTec™ × KAKADU PLUM × Invincity Fucoidan

The security dots are printed on every EARTHNIQ product to prove whether the product is genuine or not.
You can verify if the product is genuine and join the event by downloading the application.